Service Level Agreements

We offer a flexible solution with regards to service levels agreements based upon the customer’s expectations and resources.  However, we do have a generic model which serves to give you a better idea of the 3 main types that we are able to offer.

Here are the types of SLAs broken down in different formats
  • PARTS ONLY SUPPORT – Contractual parts replacement for usage based on given equipment details
  • LABOUR ONLY SUPPORT – Contractual on-site FE support based on given equipment details
  • FULL SUPPORT – Contractual end-to-end (with parts replacement) support based on given equipment details

Management & Implementation

We ensure the day to day functionality of the sparing and the delivery of the service are as expected.  From a commercial perspective we provide a dedicated account manager who has the ability to escalate to all senior managers based in the UK at our Headquarters.

We make ourselves available for monthly service level agreement meetings, either face to face or via a conference call, and these are attended by the dedicated account manager and the appropriate people from our operations team.