Finance Solutions

We always aim to make sure our customers can enable theirs to make the most of their infrastructure investment. That’s why we provide Financing Solutions to fund AV, IT and Collaboration Solutions.

Forecasting operating costs is essential for business. Use our financing solutions to help customers converge their entire solution investment to a single, unified, predictable monthly payment. Leasing is the only funding solution that helps a company increase their savings and benefits. Leasing removes obsolescence issues associated with purchase and all rentals are fully tax deductible.

If it appreciates, buy it.. If IT depreciates, lease IT.
  • Optimise the sales potential of your products
  • Empower your sales channel to sell
  • Accelerate your reseller accreditation through financed demo systems
  • Remove capital cost barriers to products
  • Align products with customers operating budgets
  • Reduce sales cycles and increase customer loyalty
  • Make it easier for customers to refresh/upgrade; keep their technology current and supported
  • Financed solutions Keep customer credit lines open to do more business
  • Get the solutions your customers need today without compromising due to capital budget
  • Financing offers best value through tax relief and enables end users to reinvest their cash in the business
  • Makes cost of ownership predictable and tech routinely upgraded
  • No upfront capital cost issues
  • The best solution is now affordable
  • The solution they need without compromise
  • Predictable unified monthly payments
  • Option to pay monthly or quarterly
  • Put cash to better use in their business
  • Savings Vs cash payments (tax accounting)
  • Routine upgrade/refresh of their solution
  • No impact on credit lines
Customer spend is typically 32% higher when using financing
Tax Relief

Customer payments are 100% deductible against corporation tax. This means they can claim the operating cost of their technology investment as tax relief against company profits.

Tax relief on payments

Optimised cost of ownership

Savings v’s cash purchase

Defer the first payment by 3-6 months

The customer gets their solution now but pays later

Procure now by leveraging future budget releases

Enable time to deliver ROI business plans

Enable time to deliver cost-neutral business plans

Align payment plans for new builds and fit-outs

Stage payment plans

Ideal for extended projects/rollouts

Finance contracts aligned with project milestones

Supplier payments released in stages

Customer payments released in stages

Optimised cash flow for customer and supplier

Residual value plans

For educational, government, and corporate customers

Minimising monthly payment values over 3 years

Residual values can be fully underwritten

Residual values can be vendor/supplier supported

Established vendor/supplier approval program