Protecting business critical IT

When buying and deploying server or network equipment it is important to realise that this is just the starting point for managing and maintaining business critical equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Our Server & Network Monitoring service takes away the management overhead as you can rest assured that we will be monitoring the status and performance of the equipment, on your behalf



  • Minimise the risks associated with new technology implementation
  • Accelerated deployment and decrease project timelines
  • Allows your IT resources to stay focussed on their core tasks and priorities
  • Ensure that your investment in IT is sustainable and best value
  • Confidence that your business critical IT systems are being monitored at all times
  • The monitoring agents are quick and simple to install with no business impact

How we can help

If anything is about to fail or is running low on resources, we will proactively alert you and between us we can plan for an upgrade or schedule maintenance and housekeeping tasks to avoid business disruption.

The service is paid for, in advance, on an annual subscription and based on the number of devices that need to be monitored. Simply let us know when you are installing new equipment and we will be monitoring that equipment, usually, within the hour.

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