Industry leading scanning tools

The vulnerability scanning tools carry out a deep dive investigation including but not limited to port, service, application and known vulnerability assessments. Our engineers will work with the external I.P ranges you want us to check and will begin searching for weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Known for its fast deployment and unparalleled accuracy and scalability

Our Scan

Our vulnerability scan simulates network attacks that a business may encounter, from the outside world, using authentic exploits to test the security of a company’s network.

Data Analysis

Our technical consultants will look at the data they have collected on the exploits and will look at the priorities and any red flags. These will help to define the report created so we can support you in finding the right path to securing your network.

Consultative Reports

We will analyse the results of the reports and produce comprehensive documentation laying out any network vulnerabilities found.

The report will contain detailed information presented in a Red, Amber, Yellow, Blue and Green system which breaks down and orders any vulnerabilities by severity.

The report will be broken down into four main sections:

Will give background around the test and define the scope and the range (of the IP’s used in the test.)

Will be a plain English assessment of the level of security the risks that is associated with each separate externally facing IP address.

Will be The Change’s translation of the report so that it is as clear as possible what the risks and issues your company might be exposed to.

The Detailed report is a comprehensive break down of all the data that has been gathered by the pen test. This shows a summary of your vulnerabilities and the severity which is broken down and colour coded.

Relied upon by thousands of organisations
throughout the world.

We Understand

At The Change we appreciate that the level of
acceptable risk regarding network vulnerability will vary from
one company to another however, as soon as you connect
your organisation to the Internet your security is at risk.

Next Steps

Once the test and report is completed, if required we can
come in and work with your teams to help you gauge what an
acceptable risk level is and more importantly mitigate against
anything that has been highlighted as vulnerable to exposure
by hackers or hacking groups.


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