Have you ever wondered if you’re getting value for the money you spend on IT?

Are you too small to employ an IT director or manage your IT full time?

If so, we can help

For a small monthly fee we can provide IT Management, control and advice so that when you make an IT Infrastructure decision it is the right one at the right price. We have staff who have years of experience both in managing and implementing IT into organisations of all sizes and sectors. A number of our senior staff as well as holding technical qualification also have business qualifications.

So what do we do?

  • We provide the conduit between the business and IT, we act as translators, turning technical jargon into plain English.
  • We provide technical insight into business decisions, so that your IT underpins your business goals and objectives.
  • We scrutinise and critique third party IT services, often creating substantial savings through cost efficiencies and analysis of IT spend.
  • We are vendor and service independent so will ensure that the best solution is recommended not the most profitable.
  • We work alongside your business teams to ensure that IT is delivering value to your business.
  • We are a sounding board for growth or other organisational changes.
  • We bring a real world comprehensive understanding of technology. We don’t recommend
    technology for technology sake. We recommend technology which enhances, underpins and
    reduces costs.
  • We work with and for you and our goal and focus is to help make your organisation successful and profitable. IT can be an enabler or an inefficient overhead depending how it is used and managed. Get it wrong and the costs can be more than just financial.
  • We document everything and work with your business to ensure you have visibility of the systems being used. More importantly we will create an IT strategy that underpins and enhances your business plan.
  • We offer advice, we want you to succeed and having IT as an enabler is a powerful tool in any
    organisations arsenal.