Our Information Security review is designed to give an independent assessment of the existing IT Information Security (InfoSec) posture. It is suitable for organisations of all sizes and within all business and public sectors. The purpose of the review is to provide senior management with an informed view of the current organisational risk and exposure relating to IT.

Our Approach

Our approach to IT business consultancy is to use ISO and other standards as a benchmark to measure organisational risk and security posture and provide gap analysis and recommendations to align with best practise and ISO guidelines. For Information Security, we employ ISO27001 and the Government’s Cyber Essentials initiative, as appropriate, to provide this baseline.


The output from the review is to provide a report which is used to discuss the current InfoSec position and to provide indicative, qualitative scores in required formats (such as traffic light or heat maps) showing those areas that are the highest risks and need most focus. The review is conducted using a senior Information Security consultant backed by a team of industry experts to assure the quality and accuracy of the review.


  • Your biggest threats and weakest points are highlighted so that you can prioritise and focus on those areas of information security that need attention and which are the highest risk to your organisation.
  • Ensures ‘Best Practice’ in line with HM Government Cyber security initiatives.
  • Allows your IT resources to stay focussed on their core tasks and priorities.
  • Ensures a hygenic security posture.
  • Helps to leverage standards such as ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials guidelines within the context and scope of your organsisation.
  • Helps to reduce your Cyber attack surface.

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