Time and again companies are caught off-guard by inappropriate access rights

This often results in financial penalties, legal problems or data theft.

Despite this, internal data security is rarely given the importance it deserves. Large companies often lose track of the internal permissions structure – leaving highly sensitive data susceptible to unwarranted internal access. Traditional approaches are no longer sufficient to manage users and their access rights. Only if you know who has access to which data, across your organisation, can you defend your sensitive information against unauthorised access and shield your business from malicious threats and information security risk.

A closer inspection of authorisation structures often reveals over privileged users and other discrepancies which can lead to serious insider fraud. Proactive security measures are therefore needed to limit access strictly on a need to know basis.

This not only nurtures accountability and awareness, but also contributes to significant cost and time savings.

Who is it designed for?

For customers who have sensitive data
For customers who are subject to compliance requirements
For customers who are using Active Directory
For customers who have large amounts of unstructured data


• Companies get a simple, single pane view of all permissions – across all systems and locations, leaving no threat undiscovered

• All changes to user rights and group memberships are documented and auditable. Anomalies can be quickly spotted to avoid employees having any unauthorized access to confidential and sensitive company data

• Using traditional measures, an IT team will take many weeks to analyse data access controls for compliance, audit and regulation. Marathon’s Data Access Control services provide immediate answers to demonstrate to senior management that proactive data security controls are being maintained.


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