Asset Disposal Services

Every year we produce around 1m tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in the UK – it is the fastest growing waste-stream in the world. This is hazardous – as most of this waste ends up in landfill and can be a danger to public health and the environment due to the presence of unsafe materials. It is also a shameful waste of our planet’s diminishing resources, as much of the materials can be recycled.

With the inevitable increase of waste production due to the continuous updates and evolution of technology, it is essential that we become more aware of how we dispose of our electronic goods. The WEEE directive is a piece of legislation that has been put in place to increase the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment that is reused or recycled and therefore reduce its effect on the environment, contribute to a more circular economy and improve resource efficiency.

At The Change Organisation we only use WEEE Authorised Treatment Facilities and we offer a highly secure and potentially profitable WEEE disposal service. In order to ensure your peace of mind we provide a bespoke data destruction service, tailored to your specific needs, that includes on site data destruction where policies forbid storage device removal. This allows companies to recycle their waste while adhering to the 1998 Data Protection Act – preventing prosecution or any damage to reputation due to data falling into the wrong hands.

To ensure the most stress free transition between upgrades you can arrange disposal of your redundant hardware to coincide with your new hardware installation. The Change Organisation can project manage your upgrade, with seamless removal and responsible disposal of old hardware from site while new hardware is being installed. This avoids a cluttered work environment, as well as ensuring you don’t have to lift a finger.

We encourage companies to think quickly about the decision to recycle, as the sooner the decision is made, the sooner we are able to help you gain a financial return from this decision. If your equipment is between 3 and 5 years old, we can evaluate whether it can be refurbished and re-sold where possible – giving a 90% chance of a financial return when disposing of these items. If your assets are not of a sufficient value to be resold, any value in the equipment may be used to offset cost from data destruction or WEEE recycling charges.

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