Con-GRAD-ulations Colby!

14 months ago, we wrote a blog about Colby Hayward passing his probation period resulting in him establishing a permanent contract with us.


From that point onwards, he has continuously made progress as a Sales Consultant; managing the accounts of existing customers, whilst regularly developing new business and, as of the start of December, Colby is now a Senior Sales Consultant for The Change Organisation! To achieve what Colby has done in 14 months is very impressive and his graduation from the New Business team is nothing more than what his efforts deserve.

Charles Burns, Director of the New Business Team comments:

“Colby has a rare set of qualities. An insatiable appetite to seek advice and direction, a strong work ethic and the intelligence and humility to combine the two.”

And Owain Williams, Sales Director comments:

“Whilst it’s very pleasing to watch Colby’s development, it’s not a great surprise that he’s now a Senior Sales Consultant because he has been consistently committed to winning results and he really wants to be a success which means he’s applied himself accordingly instead of those who just aspire to be successful because society suggests it’s the right thing to do! In a short period of time, Colby has managed to win the respect and trust of his customers as well as his colleagues and all because he’s the right man for the job…..well done Clobs”

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