Cooky’s Comeback

Written by Owain Williams, Sales Director. John C

Like the last post I provided, I am again extremely pleased to ‘properly’ welcome into the fold another addition to our Sales Consultants team; John Cookson. John is actually re-joining having first started with us in December 2013 and, at that time, John very quickly progressed

into delivering the consistent results required to be classified as a Senior Consultant for us. After 2.5 years, John made the decision to move onto other things (The Sherlocks amongst you might be able to have a good guess as to one of the reasons why by checking previous blog posts). Thankfully, and rarely in this industry, the parting was very amicable with the offer open for John to return.

Fast forward to late 2018 and John had, by then, set up his own Company who were a customer of ours and, during an email exchange between John & I where I was wishing him a Happy Birthday, he made a nonchalant comment about ‘us having any jobs going’ which I bit on. The courting was very brief (I normally like to take things slow but this situation demanded rapid, ahem, action) and a month later, John was back in the team! A couple of days training catching up on what was different since he left and then he was back spreading the word reigniting old relationships.

Within 2 months, John has quickly settled back in and tells me it’s great to be back; the feeling is very much a mutual one. We never try to stand in anyone’s way when they want to see what else the World has to offer them and this isn’t the 1st time we’ve welcomed back staff. John returning to us provides a powerful message to our newer staff that The Change Organisation is a fantastic Company to work for and provides an amazing opportunity for those able to grab it which I’m sure John will do so this time around and maybe never let go?!

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