Colby Hayward Joins the Sales Team

Written by Owain Williams, Sales Director.


I am very pleased to announce that Colby Hayward is the latest member of the Consultants team to pass the probation period earning an established place on the team. Colby joined us mid-April and, after his 2wk induction, started in earnest in May. From then on, he has made progress every month and, in his 4mth, he passed one of the major markers we assess new staff on and then, last month, he surpassed those stats again!

I recently asked Colby if he could write down a self-assessment as to what he believes he’s doing that is resulting in his progress and, in summary, the main points are that he’s consistent in taking on-board all advice given to him (especially important to him given that he has no sales background whatsoever), he focuses on not being too ‘salesy’ and takes his time to find a topic of interest with everyone he speaks with, he makes sure we do everything we can to impress on the 1st opportunity, he utilises the support available throughout the Company and, when a mistake occurs, he’s quick to resolve it and learn.

I personally believe that Colby has the attributes to go on to enjoy long term success which starts with him passing this 1st major milestone making his way up the mountain of glory!

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