“We would ask the customer to have the hardware in place or procure it from a different supplier before we deploy our software solutions.”

Many SME software solution companies in the UK, and further afield, take the view that they would prefer to concentrate their efforts on just dealing with the software elements of a full solution and leave the IT Hardware elements to a different company.

Whilst this is fully understandable in the current economic climate (“why should I put time and money into the hardware element of a deal when it will not yield the margin required to make it worthwhile”) there is a solution – working in partnership with an IT Hardware specialist so that, hand-in-hand, the full end-to-end solution can be deployed to the end user and you can keep other companies out of your customer base.

There is a common mis-conception amongst SME software solution companies that if they were to offer hardware to their customer base then this would add a greater value on the overall deal, requiring funds from the customer either up front or using up valuable credit, for very little (if any) margin once it has been supplied.  If you could make 10-15% margin on this hardware, would that be worth you offering this other element to your customer base?  How about an extra 10-15% (if not more) on the associated services such as configuration, installation and maintenance?  Now, what if we said that this extra margin could be achieved with little or no extra time, effort or money on your behalf…

The Change Organisation Ltd is an Independent IT Solutions Specialist based in Whitstable, Kent.  We have been in the industry for over 23 years and focus on procurement, product consultancy & product supply for Software and Service based companies.  We also offer other services such as hardware configuration, testing, installation and maintenance so that we can be confident that the solutions we offer our customers fit perfectly with the software solutions that are deployed onto them.

Whilst there is an undeniable boom in placing these kinds of solutions onto cloud systems such as Microsoft Azure, etc there is still a large section that will require on-premise or collocated hardware to run these software solutions and this is where working with an IT Hardware Specialist such as The Change Organisation Ltd comes into play so that you, as the software specialist, can retain full control of the opportunity placed in front of you.

All too often we hear from our software customers that the larger VAR’s of this world are beating them when it comes to quoting their solutions as they have the ability to not only supply the hardware and associated services but also beat them on the overall price of the deal thanks to the discounts that these VAR’s attain from the main vendors.  Due to the way that The Change Organisation Ltd runs it supply chain, we can offer you exactly the same brand new retail hardware at the same discounts or better than what the VAR’s are receiving without the need for you to invest in becoming a “gold partner” with the main hardware vendors allowing you to play on a level platform against such companies and retaining your customer base at the same time.

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