Maintaining great customer service is vital for any business and in the case of managed service providers (MSPs) this is no exception.  As an MSP you are both a service provider and a partner who has a strategic value.  Hard work, constant attention to detail and maintaining consistent communication will all play a part in the MSP business model.  But having the right tools at your disposal is also key.  For those MSPs wanting to stand out from the crowd, what are the eight essential helpdesk tools to ensure you deliver excellence in customer service?

For customers, the must-haves begin with a Systray Request System.  Every customer wants to be heard and easy access to support is crucial. Having an MSP business icon in a user’s Windows systray will give them one-click access direct to your door.  A system tray icon will also mean the customer can carry on working while they wait for your team member to become available, as part of your support queue.

Obviously other methods to enable customers to get in touch should be readily available. The Web Support Button on your webpage should be prominent to ease web requests.  Another must have for the customer is Chat.  In an ideal world, the Chat needs to be tied into the systray or via web support.  Chat sessions can be more focused and will also mean one technician can support several customers at the same time.

For the MSP, efficiency will drive profits so an Automatic Ticketing System will ensure each customer’s issue receives attention and better manages the priority and workload of technicians. Remote Control is another must have for a helpdesk and will contribute towards the efficiency of your technical team.  No customer wants their work interrupted, so a remote control solution will enable you to connect and respond quickly.

Having Remote Support will also mean an MSP can resolve an issue in the background.  Being able to troubleshoot via an event viewer, task manager or command line directly into a product gives you the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues without interrupting the customer.

Quality control is made all the more easier for an MSP through the use of Recording. By choosing to record remote control sessions an MSP can keep tabs on service quality and make sure customers get the high standard they need.

Lastly measuring is absolutely critical to improving the performance of an MSP.  If you have a method of Reporting and/or a Dashboard, you can quite easily see and report on support session times, chat transcripts and other areas of support which will empower you to act on and improve your service.

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