Brexit – Our Thoughts

With many good arguments on both sides, we at The Change Organisation thought we’d get some feedback from our very own staff about what they feel is best for the UK – in or out.
Pro Brexit:

Change OrganisationWhile Sales Director Owain Williams has always been of the opinion that Brexit would bring about change, which he considers ‘always good’, over the past few weeks he has taken time to gain a more comprehensive understanding on the positive and negative effects of leaving the EU. In light of his, Owain is of the opinion that, although it is a risk and there are many benefits of remaining in the EU, a Brexit could be the way to go. The flexibility a Brexit would provide for us in terms of negotiating ‘new and more lucrative trade agreements’ as well as the likelihood that we will retain our current favourable trade agreements is what really strikes Owain as the economic advantage of leaving the EU, as well as a strong belief that – whatever happens – the right attitude is key; ‘Whatever happens, we will still be alive and, as is always the way in life, there will be those that are able to adapt and prosper in a New World!’.


Change OrganisationAlternatively our Sales Manager Matt Shinebourne believes that sovereignty and national identity is no longer relevant in our economic, political and social climate.

In his mind our current position in the single market is fundamental to our position in the global market, without it Financial Services would lose their ability to operate in EU markets. Without the EU we would have to ‘conform to EU product rules but would have no say in making said rules’, which could negatively affect the tech market in the UK.

He also had this to say about the controversial topic of immigration – ‘we would not resolve the immigration problem – in fact we would probably make it worse, as we would have to commit to the EEA which does not allow us to restrict immigration at all’ while at the same time we would no longer have any influence over EU immigration – so really a Brexit would cause more problems that it would fix.

And then there are the Torn:

PQ for interviewOperations and Systems Director Peter Quinney is torn between his head and his heart. The belief in his head that a Brexit would be ‘detrimental to our economy’, especially within the tech industry, makes him resolved to the fact we should stay. Although in his heart he isn’t content with our current position in the EU (regarding quotas, membership fees, immigration and centralised legislation) he believes that positive change ‘can be discussed, negotiated, and hopefully fixed by remaining in the EU.’

And the Undecided:

kirsty interviewKirsty Gates is our HR and Finance director and for this reason she’s probably able to see the advantages and disadvantages to both sides with a lot of clarity.. leading to her struggle to make a decision. She makes a point to consider all the arguments she hears and says she listens to ‘the news, my peers, my family and my colleagues’ to help her inform her decision. She understands that a Brexit would have a multifaceted effect on her personal and professional life and what benefits one side may have a negative affect on the other. She will ‘definitely’ be using her vote on the 23rd of June, but is yet to decide which way she will go – In or Out!

We all have a very important decision to make in a week’s time, in or out of the European Union. Who knows which way it will go,  and what the consequences of the result will be. 

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