Our Exceptional Commitment to Customer Satisfaction in Practice

On Friday, we took an order for a server solution from a company in Ireland. Due to the urgency of their needs (they needed the server solution to replace a customer’s IT infrastructure after it had failed) we made sure it was delivered on the Saturday.

Unfortunately, the solution was missing a piece of memory that proved integral to the install. This could have proved disastrous for our customer and theirs, but fortunately, even though it was a Saturday, they were able to contact us thanks to our out of hours phone-line to inform us of their predicament.

We checked our stock and found we had the product available. So, we immediately picked up the product and flew out to Dublin on Sunday to deliver it personally to our customer in order to be absolutely certain we could resolve the issue within the time frame required.

It is our reaction to our customers’ needs that sets us apart from our competitors – our out of hours service ensures that we are always there to cater for whatever a customer might need. Our willingness to fly out to Dublin and back on a Sunday, solely to resolve the problem and treat our customer to dinner at our expense demonstrates just how important it is to us that your experience with The Change Organisation is never anything less than ideal.

Naturally our customer was delighted with our response and the way in which we dealt with this issue and the service they received from us became the talking point of their Monday morning meeting.

We offer this level of service to all of our customers, large and small. Do your current suppliers go to such lengths to get you out of a tight spot? If not, it’s time for The Change.

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