National Apprenticeship Week

This march The Change Organisation will be celebrating National Apprenticeship Week from the 14th to the 19th in recognition of the hugely beneficial effect the National Apprenticeship Service has on both businesses and individuals.

An apprenticeship is the opportunity to work for 1 to 5 years in a real job, with a salary whilst training to gain the skills required from your employer. This provides individuals with an alternative to other further education options and offers ‘levels’ that can equate to 5 GCSES up to degree level qualifications. Anyone over 16 years old can apply for an apprenticeship in over 1500 different job roles.

Apprentices not only benefit from earning money as they learn, but also are part of a programme that encourages career progression opportunities both during and after the apprenticeship is completed. The combination of a job with study creates a prospective employee with ‘real world’ experience and sets them apart from other candidates that have the same level of education but haven’t had the opportunity to work within the job sector they are applying for. Apprenticeships also provide the opportunity for networking within your desired job sector, ensuring that by the time you complete your placement you are well acquainted with a number of individuals that can help you continue to progress in your professional life.

At The Change Organisation we whole-heartedly support the apprenticeship scheme, having had 4 former and current apprentices working with us in a variety of roles. We have seen the benefits that it has had for those apprentices first hand – as well as the positive effect it has had on our business. Having people who are keen to learn and work hard is a priceless asset to any company and we are proud to be involved in the apprenticeship scheme. Here are some interviews with our former and current apprentices at The Change: Ryan, Danny, Matt and Will.

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