In today’s increasingly mobile and data-driven industry, the IT professional has more systems to manage than ever before. For organisations looking to get the best from their IT services, and transform their business results in the process, the answer could lie with a ‘less is more’ approach.

The IT industry requires its organisations to be more productive, efficient and flexible – with servers at the heart of business performance optimisation. To be ahead of the game, businesses require accurate information, increased efficiency and productivity, and greater flexibility to respond to customer demands in real time.

Server performance is crucial to success. A few years ago consolidation was the buzzword as businesses replaced their old energy-wasteful servers with fewer, but more energy-efficient, servers. The high costs of operation and cooling remain an issue so once again, opting for a more efficient server could save you space and money.

Virtualisation is key to the better use of servers. In 2007, Gartner exclaimed that “Virtualisation can increase hardware utilization by five to 20 times and allows organizations to reduce the number of power-consuming servers.” Although in those days it was a new technology, it’s now firmly established as a reliable and effective way to reach higher efficiencies.

Our IT environment is being reshaped every day by the cloud, mobile and big data. And if you’re not doing things right, you’ll soon feel like you’re standing still – and once that happens you’re in danger of being left behind. As a result, your business must dedicate time and effort to improving or enhancing its service offering. And this can be tricky.

All too often, a business’s limited IT resources will be tied up in day-to-day maintenance, due to time-consuming and complex deployment and management tasks. With little or no time and budget left for the development, creation and implementation of more innovative and effective IT services, the business needs are forgotten. Choose a server that automates and simplifies routine IT tasks to give you the perfect platform to roll out your latest new services.

IT may seem like a complicated puzzle for you to solve but it’s relatively simple. Agile, reliable, and cost-effective server networks will put your business in a strong position within a competitive industry. With a simplified network based on the age-old concept of less is more, you can gain competitive advantage with a server network that’s built for the future.

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