Is an SDDC right for you?

In a blog a few weeks ago we asked if your business is ready for software-defined data centres (SDDC) as analyst firm Gartner has suggested them as a must-have for the future. However, if you did answer ‘yes’ to that original question then we would also recommend you answer our next big question: “Is an SDDC is right for you?”

On the one hand, SDDCs promise to offer quantifiable benefits including cost-optimisation to flexibility, but on the other hand this “evolving architectural and operational philosophy” isn’t ready to hit the mainstream just yet. In reality, every business needs to assess the benefits of going SDDC on an individual basis, but who can benefit the most by adopting SDDC right now?

The recent software-defined movement has inevitably pressured IT heads from businesses of all sizes to turn to SDDC as a way to achieve growth without complexity and respond to changing business demands. As the world moves towards open and easy to manage systems, this presents immediate benefits to three key customers – small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), remote sites and cloud service providers.

The rise of big data has seen all sorts of companies experience rapid and extensive growth. The transition to a virtual environment in order to handle data growth is highly recommended, but this can be problematic for the IT department. For SMEs, the utilisation of a SDDC – and its fault-tolerant shared storage – would be invaluable as part of a scalable robust architectural strategy accommodating growth, efficiency and budgetary needs.

For SMEs and all other organisations, there is an increasing need for data to be handled and protected at remote sites. Whilst a company’s main site or HQ might have adequate data facilities, its smaller sites will often be overlooked or ignored. With the help of a SDDC, data storage and protection can be easily extended to remote sites – such as warehouses, offices or shops – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Everyone knows that the cloud service market is a competitive one. With customers looking to get the best services available, and with a flexible payment scheme to match, cloud services providers must turn to SDDC to enhance their offering. Cloud storage and backup solutions enhance and differentiate service portfolios to keep organisations ahead of the competition.

In the world of IT, you’ve got to keep your finger on the pulse to ensure your business has a versatile infrastructure that’s ready to adapt at the drop of a hat. The correct use of a SDDC will ensure your business benefits from a simple, scalable and open infrastructure that offers unrivalled agility and simplicity to meet your customers’ needs.

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