The global digital signage market is forecast to grow by 8.9% each year between 2014 and 2020, and The Change Organisation looks set to reap the benefits after signing a deal with Repeat Software Ltd to become UK distributor for its Repeat Signage range of digital software products.

Repeat Signage supplies flexible and innovative digital signage software that helps clients get their message across and promote products or services. And all the user needs is a Windows-based PC or media player, a large display screen and the Repeat Signage software now available from The Change Organisation.

Repeat Signage designs the presentation for the resolution of the screen. The software includes templates or you can start from a blank sheet.  It allows the user to place pictures, text, videos, audio, PDF files, spreadsheet files, website pages and other media exactly where they want, and automatically scales presentations to fit the screen’s size.

Updating of content files is simple too and can be easily collected from the Internet or network drives. New presentations, files and playlists can be uploaded to a website or Repeat Software’s cloud server and then internet-connected remote players in worldwide locations can download and display the new information.

With the Media Wall Edition, up to four monitors can be used on one computer, and Repeat Signage allows you to display the same information across multiple screens, or play different presentations on each screen.  Users can also create touch screen digital signage presentations, in all editions, so users can interact with their digital signage screens.

Repeat Signage is available from The Change Organisation in four unique formats; basic Standalone, remote Standard, database compatible Corporate and multi-screen Media Wall. With free training videos, sample presentations, trial download and outstanding levels of technical support, it’s easy to see why Repeat Signage already has satisfied customers all over the world.

Owain Williams, Sales Director at The Change Organisation said, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with UK company Repeat Software, which becomes a great addition to our Digital Signage offering. The team at Repeat Software have developed their signage solutions, Repeat Signage over many years and have an offering which is highly customisable whilst being extremely cost effective. The software based products have been developed so that they can now be installed on any Windows based hardware which enables users to make the most of their existing infrastructure. The Change Organisation and Repeat Software will be working hard together to ensure all customers enjoy the benefits of Repeat Signage.

Established in 2009, Repeat Software Ltd., a UK software development company, researched the market before developing Repeat Signage software to provide customers with a way to get their message across on display screens offering a choice of updating content without incurring on-going costs.  Repeat Signage has further developed with many new features and is used in 28 countries in diverse market applications.

Established in 1993, The Change Organisation is a market leading specialist distributor of computer hardware, software and associated services. Offering a growing range of IT solutions – including Repeat Signage – The Change Organisation provides its customers with a market leading product and service offering for the ever-evolving digital world.

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