Keeping content dynamic and fresh is absolutely crucial if a business is to; a) retain its existing audience, and b) attract a whole new audience altogether. In a digital world which holds us captive, digital signs provide a perfect platform for businesses and organisations to communicate visually appealing, stimulating and relevant content – and keep customers interested!

Digital agencies and website designers will often throw out the old cliché that “content is king”, although few will know who said it or when. In fact, it was declared in an essay by Bill Gates in 1996. And he knows a thing or two about the digital world. Well, a net worth of $79.3 billion at the last count would suggest so anyway.

So how can digital signs help companies to capitalise on the world’s need for instant information? Consumers want real-time data, literally as and when it happens. As digital signage now utilises smarter content and dynamic interfaces, the integration of real-time data opens the door to a new world of possibilities. Here are just a few ways that digital signage can utilise the growth of live feeds:

No news isn’t good news

Every company wants to communicate information to their staff as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a live feed to their digital signage network, the company can easily transmit a whole host of stories and internal updates whilst saving both time and money.

Don’t sell yourself short

In a fast-paced sales environment, figures and targets go up and down at the drop of a hat. A live feed keeps the sales team up-to-date with real-time displays of all metrics and goals from calls taken and first-call resolutions to response times.

Is the price really right?

They might not want to admit it, but shops love putting prices up without customers noticing. Rather using a chalk board with a suspiciously clean smudge, digital signage software will allow them to charge more on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And customers won’t know a thing.

Excel in the office

Even the most basic data sources are time consuming to keep updated. From Excel spreadsheets to PowerPoint files, digital signs with a live data link up can make communicating internal data both beneficial and hassle-free.

The advent of digital calendars

Keeping staff members informed with a manually updated calendar can be a thing of the past thanks to digital signage. With real-time updates, you can add any new event (Christmas Party or Stock Take Tuesday) and it will transmit to the screens.

The growth of digital signage has certainly given companies food for thought with regard to how to utilise their huge potential. The fundamental reason for using a sign is to display (and communicate) information, but if a company gets their content right the digital sign can achieve results above and beyond traditional advertising formats.

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