No Downtime

If you are going to move to the cloud and have your IT infrastructure hosted at a colocation data centre, the most important factor is that you don’t have any downtime. After all, the benefits of cloud computing tend to diminish somewhat if you can’t access your data.

Our Colocation Data Centre facilities pride themselves on the quality of their network and it is not only about the redundancy, but also their procedures, philosophy and management which are critical to high availability.

Since they use fully diverse routing both within the data centre and externally, they would avoid a similar scenario to what happened here.

Our philosophy of requiring backups and duplication extends to router configuration and also to upgrades, changes and procedures, including the ability to back out of, or recover from any potentially service affecting change.  Our Colocation facilities would not roll out en mass code or software in a way that would be service affecting for our entire network.



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