For most people, getting your boss to try something new can be a bit of a challenge. And when that ‘something new’ involves spending money on digital signage, or any breakthrough technology for that matter, you can count yourself lucky if you get to the end of the question before being met with a resounding “NO!”

Progress and change may be two of the most overused buzzwords in the workplace, but many bosses remain hard to convince to try new things. So how can you get your boss to consider, and even embrace, the benefits of digital signage as part of an interactive content strategy?

The positive influence of digital signage should be clear to see, but some bosses can be sticklers for tradition. So don’t jump in and go banging on their door without doing your research first. The devil is in the detail. It’s ok to be enthusiastic but keep this contained until you fully understand what digital signage offers and how it will deliver tangible results.

The dynamic moving images on digital signage utilise the same hypnotising appeal of the television, which saw it nicknamed the idiot’s lantern with good reason. But for marketing and advertising, this use of short, sharp and memorable messaging is a good thing. For example, you can tell your boss that 47% of audiences retain the information they receive from digital signs 30 days after exposure.

Also, it’s important for any company to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Digital signage will not only deliver the right marketing message to your customers, they will also reinforce the idea that yours is a modern, relevant and forward-thinking organisation, even if your boss isn’t.

Despite these benefits, you mustn’t forget that for your boss it’s all about the money. Unless you have a multi-million pound advertising budget, every decision has to make strict financial sense – in fact, this is still the case for some of the biggest players out there. So your boss will ask how much it costs and what will the company see as a return on the investment?

Digital signage can be used to create a more immersive customer experience – helping to maximise cross-sells, upsells and impulse buys. In fact, market research and strategic consulting firm InfoTrends credits digital signage with increasing brand awareness by 47% and sales volumes by 31.8%. So it delivers results where they matter most – on the bottom line.

As a cost-effective and efficient way to reach audiences both new and old, digital signage grabs attention and influences decision making. If your boss embraces the digital revolution and invests in a carefully considered and well thought out digital signage strategy, they certainly won’t regret listening to you in the first place. However, whether or not you receive any credit for the idea is another matter altogether.

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