I’m an IT Reseller, I don’t need to know about Audio Visual…do I?

How Audio Visual Solutions are merging with IT Solutions

Coming from an Independent IT Distributor background and moving that into the world of Audio Visual Solutions, this is a question we hear a lot at The Change Organisation Ltd.  The two worlds have slowly been merging together due to the heavy adoption of AV systems being created using IT based networks with the need for large amounts of bandwidth, high availability and easy access for monitoring tools becoming the norm.

It’s becoming more common place these days that the people in charge of the IT infrastructure at the end user level is now also being asked to run the Audio Visual estate as well under the same umbrella but with no extra funding/time/staff being given to help with this.  These people are the ones that the average IT Reseller will have long standing relationships with, now where as some people will embrace solutions such as interactive collaboration, video conferencing and digital signage there will be a large amount that simply will not like the idea of “change” – and that’s where we see the IT Reseller coming in backed by us, their IT/AV Distributor!

It stands to reason that if you have an end user that will be struggling with the onslaught of new technology barrelling out of the AV market, invariably they would welcome a helping hand from someone that they already trust to help with their day-to-day role as “IT Manager” so we believe it’s important that IT Reseller take the necessary steps to make sure that they and ready to extend that helpful hand.

This is the sole reason that The Change Organisation Ltd has made the decision to forge a path through the world of AV so that we in turn can help our IT Resellers help these types of end users.  Arguably the AV world is much more diverse when it comes to knowing which technology should be used to achieve the end goal, which vendor’s products best suit this solution, etc than it is in the world of IT so we aim to take pain out of this process as much as possible and act as a beacon of light in what some people will see as a dark and dingy hole.

So in answer to the question, “I’m an IT Reseller, I don’t need to know about Audio Visual…do I?” we at The Change Organisation Ltd would say yes you probably do if you want to help out the customers you have built up trust with over the years as the AV world is coming, it makes sense to be prepared for that but with our help we will make that transition as smooth as possible for any of our customers that are willing to be involved!

If you have any further questions, queries or would like to know more about how we can help you out please do not hesitate to contact our Head of AV, Simon Bethel.

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