Everywhere you look there is a new large format display (LFD) screen popping up, from the local hospital to your child’s school. And it’s little surprise as according to a new report by industry analyst CONTEXT, year-on-year sales of LFDs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) have increased by 36% for Q1 2015, when compared with Q1 2014.

LFDs deliver high resolution display and presentation capability for a wide range of uses – from meeting spaces to digital signage. With more interactive options and an array of new sizes to choose from, it’s easy to see why LFD sales are by more than a third, year on year.

The increase in sales is largely down to a trend in sizes that goes from one extreme to another – with huge 65 inch screens and ‘small’ 34 inch and below LFDs experiencing sales increases of 92% and 68% respectively. However, there is also a noticeable trend in the overall share of revenues that the segment itself now commands.

From a very stable 20% share of the entire industry, the market has grown rapidly over the last 12 months to reach a 31% share – with the dynamic and simple to use digital signage proving a huge hit in the commercial sector. The increase of over 10% has also been achieved thanks to the contributions of interactive displays where an increase in the number of applications has made a big impact.

Senior analyst at CONTEXT, Lachlan Welsh, explains: “There is a developing trend for vendors to offer reliable, low-cost digital signage, which is used in more and more retail outlets, restaurants and offices because it is dynamic and easy to update. This has led to more engaged customers and workers; not only is their experience more exciting, but they are also presented with the right message at the right time, whereas that delivered through printed signage was often too broad and out of date.”

The growth in LFDs has been consistent across Europe-wide, with the exception of poor performers Poland and Switzerland. Top of the class are Finland (66.96%), Germany (66.84%) and Spain (62.52%). Four other nations also achieved an increase in sales of more than 40% – Netherlands (42.70%), Norway (41.82%), United Kingdom (41.27%), Austria (41.27%) – while year-on-year growth for the remaining countries was all comfortably above the 10% mark.

So how have the big companies been doing? After registering year-on-year growth of 35% for the period, Samsung retained its market leading position with a 47% share of the total market. To complete the podium finish, NEC (who recently launched two new LFDs with ShadowSense touch technology) and LG reported market shares of 14% and 10% respectively.

Any business looking to get their message across should manage and display their content on a large format screen for maximum impact. Ideal for engaging with customers, promoting brand awareness and of course increasing sales, more and more countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa are looking to LFDs to ensure they get the most from their big screen investment.

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