If It Appreciates Buy It, If It Depreciates Lease IT

Tim Scholfield, Managing Director writes: –

Despite the upturn in the economy, businesses will always be looking for ways to cut costs and streamline processes.  In the world of technology, this is particularly relevant but the speed of which tech equipment or computers become obsolete means that this year’s technological investment will fall short of your competition a year later. This is why leasing IT infrastructure has become one of the best ways to stay up to date with technological change. 

The best and latest IT equipment will not only give businesses an edge on their competitors but it can also be a motivating force for their employees who are keen to have the hardware and software at their fingertips.  After all, no employee wants an ageing, slow laptop with an archaic operating system.

Savvy businesses are increasingly realising the cost and productivity benefits of renting software via lease agreements. Many businesses are opting for private cloud solutions and use leasing to finance the hardware and software securely housed off-site. IT support and services including implementation, consultancy, training and maintenance can be included under a lease agreement.

From interactive displays in the board room to off-site cloud solutions and server upgrades, leasing can be used to fund all types of business related technology.  Shorter term leases are available to cater for personal systems such as laptops and tablets which are seen as disposable rather than long term assets.  And did you know that lease rental payments on core IT infrastructure can qualify as a tax deductible trading expense?

Buying might seem like an easy fix in the short term and might avoid any paperwork but the initial outlay may tie up a business’s company funds and in the end you are stuck with outdated equipment. Leasing means there are no upfront costs, you have fixed monthly expenses and crucially you can acquire sophisticated technology with minimal fuss ensuring your business will easily be able to keep up with the competition.

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