Press Release – The Change Launches Data Centre Offering

On 6th May, The Change Organisation officially launched new colocation facilities at a number of the UK’s leading data centres – providing clients with the power, connectivity and secure processes to ensure reliable performance and continuous data availability.

As the amount of data we generate doubles every 18 months, IT has become essential to every business. The Change’s new colocation centres – in the South West and South East of England – provide highly secure, resilient, cost effective and future proofed ways to protect IT systems and data.

Owain Williams, Sales Director at The Change Organisation said, “As part of our growth strategy, The Change Organisation believe our new Colocation offering is a logical follow on from the supply of IT hardware which ultimately ends up housed in rack cabinets. Market research shows that 80% of hardware is still ‘onsite’ which convinces us that the market presents great opportunity for the future for both us and our customers. It’s not rocket science, if our customers want a World class Tier 3 facility in which to store their hardware AND not pay costs typically associated with premium sites then they should speak to us!”

Located close to the M4 corridor, the south west colocation facility is situated within Europe’s largest data centre campus with over 750,000 sq ft. Operated by Next Generation Data, its exceptional levels of security and logistical support are already being used by many blue-chip companies including BT, IBM and WIPRO.

“We are delighted that The Change Organisation has chosen Next Generation Data as the data centre behind its new South West colocation facility,” said Steve Davis, Marketing Director, Next Generation Data. “Our world-class facilities provide the space and power that the Change and its clients need today and will scale to support all future expansion requirements.”

For clients in the South East, The Change offers rack space at a 100,000 sq foot facility, operated by Infinity SDC that includes individual racks, private suites, scalable halls and dedicated data centres supported by innovative cooling techniques. Used by global telecoms operators and a number of high street banks, the data centre serves the South East and the UK’s IT corridor.

Infinity is delighted to be working closely with The Change in delivering a premium data centre facility in the London periphery. Our location provides their clients with access to cutting edge technology that provides incredible efficiency and resilience. Our site offers masses of expansion, ensuring any seen / unforeseen growth can be comfortably accommodated, on premise” said Scott Newcombe, Client Partner at Infinity SDC

As data centres continue the on-going migration from costly, congested and vulnerable cities, these highly secure out-of-town facilities will provide The Change Organisation’s clients with minimal disruption, reduced costs and the ability to grow.

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