Geoff Austen Makes The Grade

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.

We are delighted to announce that Geoff Austen passed his probation at the end of March and is now a fully integrated member of the Sales Consultants team.

Sales Manager Matt Shinebourne commented, “This month Geoff has obliterated a long standing record and opened 20 new accounts. He may even open another today by the looks of it. This is a fantastic achievement coupled with excellent profit, achieving 150% of his target with the rest of today still to go. Geoff truly stood up to be counted over the last six months and in particular this month. Through hard work, passion, grit, determination and great use of his abilities and talent he now has a platform to grow his business and move onto, I’m sure, massive success. Watch out you guys and girls Geoff is raising the bar again!”

We would like to congratulate Geoff and we look forward to seeing him enjoy a long and successful career with The Change Organisation.



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