Are You In Control?

Or are you a victim of circumstance?

The Sales industry is notoriously relentless, full of highs and lows, lots of opportunity and a variety of personality types. Despite the variety, I believe there is a single characteristic that sets out the successful people from the rest; CONTROL. By that, I don’t mean being manipulative (although plenty would argue that is a key attribute to have) but, instead, I mean having the ability to not fail because of prevailing market trends, to not fail because of others and to not fail for reasons out of your control.

Whilst it’s very rare The Change Organisation loses business for reasons within our control, there are plenty of times we’ve stopped working with customers for reasons we have no influence on; a company goes into liquidation, a company is acquired by another who has different purchasing arrangements/policies or a company changes direction and no longer has synergy with us. Over the years, we have come to understand that this is part of working life (mirrored in personal life too) so, instead of dwelling on this, we take control by winning new customers to replace the lost ones as well as swell our overall customer base. This wasn’t always the case though. Up until 2010, despite the ongoing protestations of our Chairman, we employed too many staff who didn’t have the desire, skills or long term vision to win new business and were always looking to blame ‘reasons out of their control’ for their woes. Then the fog cleared and, as a new unit, we took back the control over our futures.

Today, if you’re serious about becoming successful in sales, you must understand the necessity to be constantly proactive. There are many successful people out there invariably all chasing the same golden eggs and it’s no coincidence that those who work hardest, smartest and remain focused at all times are the ones who also seem to be the ‘luckiest’! It doesn’t matter if you have amazing selling skills if they’re not backed by the right attitude. Nothing will be handed to you, you have to fight to find it, fight to win it, fight to keep it and fight to do this over and over and over again if you want to get to the top, stay there and remain in control. The ball is always in your court, the question is what shot will you play?

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