AV and IT Convergence

The AV and IT systems industries are converging, with AV adopting IT’s mind set of open standards, network centricity, scalability and centralised monitoring and maintenance. It’s a collision of industries that provides a lot of opportunities.

The Integration of AV and IT will lead to the proliferation of AV systems that look and act like IT systems. Seamlessly networked within the IT infrastructure, monitored in real time and deployed with a high level of security.

It is a fact that the IT industry rests its solutions on 6 pillars of priority; those of being Network Centric, Standards Based, Scalable, Reliable, Centrally Managed and Secure.

Today, an effective AV solution uses the same priorities. They are seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures and IP networks. They embrace standards as a way to ensure interoperability. They use standard connectors to minimise the number of disparate and propriety boxes. New All-In-One products such as Unicol’s offerings improve reliability by consolidating many functions into a single unit. AV assets that are placed on the network can be monitored and maintained by IT departments and become IT assets so are subject to the same security measures.

Back in the 1990’s a key predecessor to AV/IT convergence took place. Telecoms and data networking industries underwent a major convergence similar to what we see today with AV and IT. As with AV and IT, the telecoms and networking industries had drastically different roots and technical paradigms. The key results of this convergence were Voice Over IP, Mobile Internet and Smartphones and ushered in a new era of amazing innovation and growth. Those organisations involved in this convergence reaped the rewards of being in the right market at the right time.

AV is now in a “sweet spot” that has potential to drive adoption throughout the enterprise in much the same way that computing has become an essential and assumed resource. Make sure you are in the right market as the time is right.

People have been talking for many years about the collision between the professional AV and IT industries. That collision is now taking place, with AV increasingly becoming the responsibility of IT departments. We can safely say that the long awaited integration is now clearly and inevitably underway. As a result AV budgets become the remit of the IT Manager.

IT resellers are in a prime position to exploit the AV opportunity since they have pre-existing relationships with their customers’ IT managers.

The Change Organisation can help you to act now by expanding its portfolio to encompass the distribution of fundamental AV technologies with the leading brand manufacturers.

In addition we have certified a select number of leading UK AV Systems Integrators who will be able to work in partnership with our Resellers to facilitate the design, deployment, maintenance and integration of Audiovisual solutions to their customers.

When it comes to delivering AV solutions, The Change Organisation can offer you the full package.

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