You dont want to do it like that

From letting your pans boil over to peeling a banana, believe it or not you’re probably doing it wrong. Well, not wrong, but you could possibly be doing it better.

We’ve found 6 things you’ve probably been doing wrong for a while, and whilst they might not be bothering you too much, doing it right will save you time and effort.

 Peeling a banana

Did you know you’re meant to peel them from the bottom? Not only does it avoid pulling those stringy bits off, but it’s also a lot easier.

Pressing the buttons on lifts

I have to confess, I’ve not tried this one. But if there’s a chance I can get to the top floor of a building faster then what’s the harm. Simply hold down the close door button along with your floor number and rumour has it you’ll get there with no stops for other people.

Not using the ‘secret’ tabs on tin foil boxes

You know how annoying it is when you’re trying to get a bit of tin foil off the roll but instead end up just pulling the roll out of the box? Well that’s what the tabs on the ends of the box are for. Just push them in and your tin foil will be held in place. Simple, yet effective.

Letting your pan boil over

I don’t particularly enjoy cooking at the best of times. So having added tasks whilst cooking, such as checking your pan hasn’t boiled over, tend to annoy me somewhat. Well that is exactly what wooden spoons are for. Ok, not exactly, but once you’re finished stirring, try laying the wooden spoon across the pan. Apparently it’ll absorb the extra moisture and stop your pan boiling over.

Looking for bargains on eBay

I love a bargain, and eBay always seemed like the best place to go, until now. is a website dedicated to finding items incorrectly spelt names. Because they’re almost impossible to find through the regular eBay searches there is almost never any bids, or the price is low due to multiple listings.

Guessing which side your petrol cap is on

For years I have attempted to remember which side my petrol cap is on. Inevitably I’d forget, end up guessing, and head to the wrong side of the petrol pump. That is, until I found out that there’s an arrow on your petrol gauge to tell you which side your cap is on. An obvious one once you know.

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