Apprentice Schemes Work

One positive contribution of the current government is their funding of the National Apprenticeship Scheme. We have had tremendous success with it, employing local young people and accessing funding for their role including training at college. The Apprentice Scheme works for both parties.

We can provide employment and development opportunities whilst not incurring the immediate pressure of inflated overheads. As the apprentice comes in at grass roots level of the business, generally at the beginning of their working life, the employer is able to instil their values and working culture, teaching them every aspect of the business from the right starting point.

For the apprentice it provides more than anything else, an opportunity. But also it provides the apprentice with a real job, a real salary, a real future and a real qualification at the end of the apprenticeship. All of this whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience.

So far, The Change Organisation has offered 3 of our apprentice’s full time employment, Will Everett and Nathan Sills in sales support, and Jason Roe in the warehouse. All are enjoying a successful career with The Change, with excellent prospects to climb the corporate ladder in their current fields, or in other departments if that is the path they choose to follow.

If you are a business owner or in a position to employ then we strongly urge you to consider this worthwhile venture.

Here is a link to find out more about apprenticeships in Kent. Also here is a link for The National Apprenticeship Service, which is part of the Skills Funding Agency

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