24/7 Hardware supply

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24/7 Hardware supply

Critical IT Failure Out Of Office Hours? We Deliver Replacement Hardware 24/7

What do you do when a critical part of your IT infrastructure fails outside of normal working hours, at the weekend, or even on a public holiday?

For understandable reasons the Hardware Suppliers you currently work with may neither be in a position to respond to such an emergency at these times nor have the critical item you need in stock and ready to be shipped to where you need it to be at the drop of a hat.

Here at The Change Organisation we offer what we believe to be a unique service to complement your existing arrangements in times of such emergencies. Our phones are always manned, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to respond when you need us most.  Furthermore, we are ideally located to have product onsite in Central London within an hour! Take a look at our same day delivery capabilities here.

We currently have a vast stockholding of the most commonly  required  products  from the world’s leading IT manufacturers:-  HP Servers and Options, HP PCs, HP Laptops, HP Workstations, HP Monitors, HP Networking, HP Printers, Cisco, Lenovo, APC and Microsoft.  Please click here to view our current stock portfolio.

Additionally we also have access to a broad network of suppliers whose stock availability can be accessed at a click of a button. This allows us to set a realistic expectation for sourcing the part you need to solve your emergency in the unlikely event of it not being in our stock.

Call 01227 779000 at any time to access your 4th emergency service.