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The Complete AV Solution


With the ever increasing convergence between IT and Audiovisual (AV) technologies, the ability for IT Systems Integrators to offer, deploy and support AV solutions is paramount. Read our IT AV Convergence Blog here.

AV is everywhere: whether supporting meeting room collaboration, presentation suites, lecture/seminar rooms, staff communications, live and recorded TV distribution, dealer floors, contact centres or digital signage. Likewise IT Managers are now typically responsible for the deployment and management of AV solutions across their estates – so they are looking to their IT Systems Integrator partners to support them.

The Change Organisation is actively supporting its Reseller channel by expanding its portfolio to encompass the distribution of fundamental AV technologies with the leading brand manufacturers. Most recently added is TRIUMPH BOARD. See their offering here

In addition we have certified a select number of leading UK AV Systems Integrators who will be able to work in partnership with our Resellers to facilitate the design, deployment and maintenance of Audiovisual solutions to their customers.

When it comes to delivering AV solutions, The Change Organisation can now offer you the full package.

Whether you need a Meeting Room solution, Video Conferencing or a Digital Signage solution, The Change Organisation can help. tco-av@thechange.co.uk.

Meeting Room 

Gone are the days of flip charts and white boards. The Change Organisation can provide meeting room solutions which increase productivity, attendee engagement and collaboration. Click here to find out more 

Video Conferencing 

As organisations try to reduce costs and reduce their carbon footprints, Video Conferencing is becoming a rapidly expanding market. So much so that it is tipped to become the preferred method of communication for businesses by 2016.

Digital Signage

Digital signage grabs your customers’ attention and influences decisions to buy. Content can be changed quickly and with ease and the high costs of print and distribution of traditional forms of advertising are eliminated.